ECO Church Growth Cohort – Part II

ECO Church Growth Cohort - Part II

NEWS:  Watch this video from Matt Merrill.

In June, Paul Borden will be spending time here at Crestwood. As part of our participation in the ECO Church Growth Cohort, Dr. Borden, who has personally worked with over 700 churches, will be visiting to help us assess where we are and how we can flourish in Christ’s mission for us. He will be interviewing each staff member, the Session, the Diaconate and 60 members via focus groups as a part of his process. He has also been supplied with a wealth of information about our history, financial health, attendance trends, etc.

After gathering all of his information, he will be presenting his report on Crestwood Church following a combined worship service on Sunday, June 9th. The following evening, Monday, June 10th, there will be a Town Hall Meeting for you to ask any questions of him about the report.

Please mark down these important dates on your calendar:
10:00 AM – Combined Worship Service (Midlothian Gym)
11:00 AM – Borden Report to the Congregation

7:00 PM – Town Hall Meeting (Midlothian Campus)

I believe God will use Dr. Borden to clarify God’s vision for our future. Let us pray for that result.

Personally, I am both excited and nervous about this process. I  really look forward to the clarity about our vision as a church – it is desperately needed. But, with this clarity, it’s going to call for me and you to be stretched, strengthened and changed as a result. That is likely to be painful, but good. It will mean mourning some things that will no longer be the same, and stepping into the uncertainty of new ways of being. I will be praying for the Holy Spirit’s comfort for you and would appreciate your prayers for me.


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