Loving Generously

Loving Generously


  • What did Jesus mean when He said “Love your neighbor as yourself”?
  • Have you ever stopped to think that loving God and loving one another are inseparable?
  • God loves us and our response to his love is to love those around us, but are we only supposed to love those like ourselves?

In the coming weeks, the Stewardship Ministry hopes that we, as a church, will address some of these questions as we begin a new video series entitled Loving Generously. This series is a continuation of a series that we did a few years ago, and continues the story of the Donovan family as they learn what it means to love generously.  Each week we will see a glimpse of their journey as they take risks, experience suffering and joy, and find themselves transformed by the call to love others like Christ loves us.  You won’t want to miss this story!

Week 1: Banquet
Our story begins with Frank worrying over a banquet he is hosting to benefit the soup kitchen. We soon find out that this isn’t your traditional fundraiser because Re has encouraged Frank to invite not only benefactors, but the people the kitchen serves.  View the video to see what happens when these two groups come together.

Videos will be posted on this page each week, so you can review them at any time. We look forward to taking this look at relational generosity with you in the upcoming weeks.  Videos are also available any time via your RightNowMedia account.
Week 1 “Banquet”: Video        Teachable Moment
Week 2: For Sale
Week 3:  Kind
Week 4: Called
Week 5: One to Another

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