OCC Shoebox Recipient Studies to Become a Missionary Pilot and a Full Circle Volunteer

OCC Shoebox Recipient Studies to Become a Missionary Pilot and a Full Circle Volunteer

In 2003, Mike and Lissa Eggleston left their home in Richmond, VA to serve as full-time missionaries at the Rafiki Foundation in Wakiso, Uganda. The Wakiso Village is situated on 55 acres and it includes agricultural land, playing fields and numerous buildings used for educational and residential purposes. While serving in Wakiso, the Egglestons would regularly take some of the children from the Village to Central Baptist Church where Fred Kibuuka served as the pastor.
While in Uganda, Pastor Fred worked hard to help Mike and Lissa adjust to the local culture and offer suggestions on how to help the children living in the Village. As a result, they developed a close relationship with Pastor Fred and his wife Susan. In addition to pastoring a church, the Kibuukas worked tirelessly on behalf of the children. Susan taught for Child Evangelism Fellowship, taught Sunday School, collected clothes and coordinated the  distribution of OCC shoeboxes. “Susan and Fred shone like diamonds working endless hours in kingdom work – Mike and I felt privileged to meet them and to serve with them while in Uganda,” said Lissa.
Since returning home to Virginia, the Egglestons have helped Pastor Fred through Crestwood Presbyterian Church to fund an annual Youth Conference in Wakiso.
The story does not end there. In 2017, Lissa began serving as a Community Social Media volunteer for OCC Richmond West. While working in this capacity, she connected via social media with Bonny Kibuuka, son of Fred and Susan. He currently studies Mission Aviation in Michigan where he hopes to gain the skills to serve God’s Kingdom as a missionary pilot at some point in the future. Bonny had the opportunity to receive an OCC shoebox (as a child), as well as participate in a distribution in the Wakiso area (as a young adult).
As a result of his firsthand experiences with receiving and distributing OCC shoeboxes, Bonny has been invited to Charlotte to train as a full circle speaker for OCC. While training in Charlotte, Bonny said, “I remember when I was young my Dad (Fredrick Kaddu Kibuuka) made us watch Billy Graham’s sermons on TV and he would translate to us in Luganda so that we could understand what he was preaching. Growing up I watched my Dad read a lot of Billy Graham’s books. Today I feel blessed to step my foot in his house, at his grave and his library. I could say this is a dream come true. We thank God for Billy Graham’s life.”
Our God is truly a “full circle” God. He uses us to plant seeds of the gospel at home or on another continent for his  future Kingdom work.


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