Operation Christmas Child – 2017 Results

Operation Christmas Child - 2017 Results

2017 was another banner year for Operation Christmas Child for the entire OCC Richmond West area. With the participation of over 200 churches, businesses, groups, and hundreds upon hundreds of individuals a total of 18,941 shoeboxes were loaded onto two 53 foot trailers and are on their way to the most vulnerable of children in the world. AMAZING!!  AMAZING!! We serve such an awesome God!!

OCC at Crestwood this season has been FANTASTIC! 1,366 shoeboxes!!  (Our goal was 1,200; we collected 980 in 2016). So many examples of Loving Generously have been exhibited by Crestwood members in reaching that number.  One of the greatest aspects of Operation Christmas Child on this side of the shoebox is all the volunteers who participate in the entire effort. It is fun to watch the Body of Christ work so seamlessly together.  Shortly after the sign up log goes online, all the slots are filled with volunteers. In addition to those volunteers, there are thankfully Crestwood members who just “drop by” when they are most needed.

Just on Sunday, 2,774 shoeboxes were processed from noon to 6:00 p.m. with over 30 volunteers processing the shoeboxes, the 5th & 6th graders cartonizing the shoeboxes and the Crestwood youth loading all those cartons onto the trailer! On Monday, again, volunteers especially strong, willing men were there when needed to load the trailer.

Crestwood has a HUGE heart for Loving Generously – whether with money or volunteer time. This has been profoundly exhibited during this shoebox season!!



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