The Statistics Of Valentine’s Day – Pressure Or Pleasure

The Statistics Of Valentine's Day - Pressure Or Pleasure

From the Relationship Foundation of Virginia
Americans spend over $18.5 billion dollars per year on Valentine’s Day. It is a day meant to remind us how much we love one another. But what has it turned into? Is it a day of pressure or pleasure?

Take a look at these statistics and you decide:
 Over 180 million Valentine’s Day Cards sold
 On average, 224 million roses purchased
 Average amount consumer spends per person, $130
 85% of people believe having sex is an important part of the holiday – 60% will be disappointed if they don’t have it
 Average number of children conceived on Valentine’s Day, 11,000
 73% of flowers are bought by men – 14% of women send them to themselves
 53% of women would end their relationship if they don’t get something for Valentine’s Day

Our advice is to communicate with each other and make a plan. This will take the pressure off of both people in the relationship. If you are single, pamper yourself. Nobody says that being in a relationship makes you a better person. Lastly, be grateful for what you have. Take the pressure off of Valentine’s by celebrating your relationships EVERYDAY!

The Relationship Foundation of Virginia has several events to help you with your Valentine plans: Cupid, Cocktails & Conversation, Back Rubs & Brews, Swing & Shine Your Valentine and Spice It Up. In addition, many other excellent programs are offered throughout the year such as Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus (coming in April). For information and details, visit their website at


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