Wanting Something FOR People

Wanting Something FOR People

I anticipate buying a car this year. While new wheels will be fun, the process of purchasing it is making me tired already. I know the salesman will explain to me all of the things this new vehicle can do FOR me, but the whole time I will be thinking that “really, he just wants something FROM me (my money).”

Unfortunately, many nonChristians are convinced that church people only want something FROM them. We want their names on our rolls, their dollars in our offering plates, and their time serving in our ministries. After all, it takes money and people to do ministry. So, in the end do we just want something FROM people? I pray, not. And I know that isn’t your heart, either.

Like you, my deepest desire for my nonChristian friends and neighbors is to experience the fullness of God’s love for them. I desire for His truth to set them free. I dream of God’s reconciling power to come to bear on their relationships. Oh, that the Fruit of the Spirit may fill their hearts, minds and homes. That is what I want FOR them. That’s what propels our hearts for evangelism. That is why we seek those outside of the Kingdom – to invite them to experience God.

In my worst moments, I see these people and think of what we could get FROM them. Will you pray that God might guard our hearts against such thoughts? May we invest our love, time, prayers and energy in these friends, with no expectation of any return – just dreaming of what God might do FOR them through us.


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